The proposed station is centrally located on route 125 on the lot that was formerly occupied by the Moose Club across from the Town Beach. This property was donated by the Herbert Downs Family for the construction of a new fire station.  The site is ideally located and will improve response times to most parts of  town. The building was designed with the goal of creating a cost effective, functional station that will serve the needs of our community for many years to come. This station does not include any unnecessary frills or features – only quality construction and efficient design that will solve the current issues that reduce our ability to keep our community safe. 



Proposed Station Site Plan Although the site design reflects a reduced version of our original plans (which we cut back to save cost), it allows functional access to the proposed station for our emergency vehicles, staff, and visitors. All emergency vehicles will leave out the front bays when responding to a call.  We have included heavy duty pavement in this area to stand up to the additional abuse by our equipment. There is also parking for volunteer fire fighters, staff, and visitors.



The building is a one story facility that includes spaces for the four main functions of our department: administration & training, storage of our apparatus, support spaces for our fire fighting equipment and medical supplies, and now includes space for personal decontamination and food preparation for the EMTs long 12 hour shifts.  Space is now available for EMS responders who live out of town to stay at the station when they are covering night shifts.             


Administration & Training includes several small, simple offices for our department employees including rooms for Dispatch, Fire Prevention, and the Chief. We have also included an Emergency Operations room which will provide critical space for training, coordinating large emergency responses, and will provide a useful meeting space for our community.


Apparatus Bay includes storage for all of our emergency equipment on a single level with adequate size to access all apparatus compartments and components. This space will allow us to properly maintain and protect our department’s most expensive resources – our emergency vehicles.  


Support spaces for our fire fighting equipment and medical supplies are adjacent to the apparatus bay to allow quick access to all of our gear when responding to an emergency. We have taken advantage of the space above several of these lower level support rooms to create mezzanines for storage and future uses.


Future Expansion space had previously been included as an unfinished shell area to be fit-up at a later date.  We have chosen to finish this unfinished shell space in the 2014 proposal.  The space will now include shower facilities, a kitchen/Dayroom and bunk rooms.  The completion of the bunk rooms is not an indication of their immediate need, bunk rooms may be used during major events such as winter storms when call firefighters can not make it to the station from home. Bunk rooms may also allow us to create a live in program with local colleges. With the deletion of one set of bathrooms in the forward portion of the station it was critical to finish the rear bathroom facilities. With that in mind we felt it was more cost effective to complete the entire station now rather than to return to the voters to appropriate more money at a higher rate in the future. 



Proposed Station Rendering The rendering is an artistic view of how the finished fire station would likely look. It shows the main entrance to the administration wing on the right side of the building and the four apparatus bay openings on the left.  The siding is a mix of different cementitious siding products that are very weather resistant and will require minimal maintenance. The high windows along the left wall and the windows in the overhead doors will provide some daylight and solar heating for the apparatus bay which will help reduce energy use.
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