Existing Station Issues

The current Milton Fire Station is plagued with many issues that effect our ability to respond to emergencies in our community. Thank you for taking the time to learn about the some of the problems with our facility which make construction of a new station so important. We encourage you to visit our station to see some of these issues first hand.

Ambulance Access Issues

Ambulance 1 located in the basement of the fire station. Members of the department must open the garage door to access the driver’s side of the vehicle. The compartments on the ambulance cannot be opened inside the station without hitting walls or pipes.  This makes apparatus checks very difficult.  There is also a severe moisture and drainage issue in the basement of the building. 

 Water and Rusting Issues

The concrete block foundation continues to deteriorate allowing water to seep through and run across the floors. Fire Equipment and Maintenance supplies are stored in various cabinets in the damp basement.  Equipment is often found rusted and in need of replacement.

Scattered Storage Issues

Medical supplies are stored in various locations around the station. Equipment is stored in the basement, the attic, and on the main apparatus floor.  This makes for very inefficient restocking of the ambulance after incidents.

Undersized Apparatus and Vehicle Garage

The main apparatus bay is extremely tight and does not allow for proper space for the firefighters to put their emergency gear.  Firefighters gear should not be exposed to sunlight while it is being stored, in Milton it is constantly hit by sunlight as well as exhaust from the responding apparatus.  Additionally the tight quarters and lack of drainage do not allow for washing of apparatus in the station during the winter months thus allowing salt to build up and corrode the apparatus at a much fast rate.

Administration Space Issues

The administrative portion of the current fire station consists of many areas with in a small 15×20 space. In this area are a small dispatch desk, single bathroom, report writing desk, lunch table, kitchenette, and a meeting space. The fulltime Fire Prevention Captain, the part-time Fire Chief, as well as all other full time and part time members working EMS shifts at the fire station currently share the singular office in the fire station.



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